Our management policy is to transform and improve hand in hand with our clients, business partners and suppliers, to the successes of whom we add value by delivering on their expectations through our personnel profile with high proactive flexibility and win-win business principle, managing service processes efectively, and employing preventive measures based on data.

Becoming an effective, leading and inspiring organization constituting a model

Providing competitive advantages for our clients by timely and accurate delivery in world-class quality standards.
As Autoport Terminal Operations S.A., prevention of any damage to our personnel, clients, partners, third parties and any equipment constitutes the foundation of our Occupational Health and Safety policy, which we employ in all operations we carry out and services we provide in every field of operation.

Our Objectives:
  • Operating in full conformity with the applicable occupational health and safety legislation (including all laws, regulations and bylaws),
  • Determining and evaluating the occupational health and safety related hazards and risks for any operation, which may affect our personnel serving in the operation field, as well as our visitors and business partners; thusly taking necessary actions towards the prevention or minimizing of emergent risks,
  • Guaranteeing that personnel is compling with the occupational health and safety rules, reporting any incompliances to their immediate supervisor, participating in and adding value to practices concerning occupational health and safety,
  • Ensuring that all of our personnel, business partners and suppliers act in conformity with our occupational health and safety rules present in our facility in written form,
  • Applying the international occupational health and safety standards in accordance with Turkish law and regulations,
  • Organizing meetings and trainings with the participation of all our personnel and business partners in order to enable the occupational health and safety policy and objectives to be comprehended and duly applied at every level,
  • Following the latest trends in occupational health and safety technologies, and applications and integrating them into the current system,
  • Monitoring, evaluating and improving regularly the performance of the occupational health and safety management system.

As Autoport Terminal Operators S.A., environmental conscientiousness and leaving a hospitable environment for generations to come are at the forefront of every decision we take.
Our Objectives:
  • Operating and providing services in full compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations,
  • Employing the international environmental standards in accordance with the conditions both within the country and company,
  • Supporting the prevention of pollution, recycling, decreasing waste generation, constantly monitoring the results,
  • Constantly seeking, implementing and improving new methods and measures to use natural resources and energy more efficiently,
  • Developing emergency plans and implementing them through emergency drills to ensure a quick and effective response in cases accidents and emergencies which may result in pollution,
  • Organizing trainings and meetings with the participation of all our personnel and business partners in order to ensure that the environmental policy and objectives are thoroughly understood and duly applied,
  • Monitoring, evaluating and improving constantly the environment management system.

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