Autoport is Turkey’s first ever ‘automobile terminal’ and built to meet the special port needs of the automotive sector. The terminal lying on a 243.000 m² area in Yeniköy town of the Başiskele district, Kocaeli, it is located at intersection point of major manufacturers and distributors in Eastern and Southern Marmara region. Providing services for every brand, both imported and exported, the terminal was designed particularly for the automotive sector. This special design of Autoport allows it to prevent the risks and limitations which may ensure from various handling operations taking place at the same time.


Coordinates Latitude 40° 43' 40 N
Longtitude 29° 52' 62 N
Total Area 243.000 m²
Parking Slots 10.000 CEU*
Front Yard 1.265 CEU 
Backyard 6.235 CEU
Pdi 2.500 CEU
Annual Handling Capacity 650.000 CEU/year
Number of Berths 2
Draft for Vessel Berthing 12,5 m / 19 m
Lenght of Piers Pier 1 / 328 m
Pier 2 / 328 m
Width of Pier 25 m
Number of Gates 2
Pilotage Times 7/24
Terminal IT System 7/24 Online
*CEU: Car Equivalent Unit

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